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Foresight First LLC will release Jeff De Cagna’s new eBook, Foresight is The Future of Governing: Building Thrivable Boards, Stakeholders and Systems for the 21st Century, in August. This eBook is being produced in collaboration with, a Naylor Publication.

In this provocative eBook, Jeff will challenge association boards, chief staff executives and other governing contributors to begin creating a different future for governing today. Jeff will question many of the most enduring, sacrosanct and yet detrimental orthodox beliefs of governing and argue that the accelerating pace and increasing intensity of societal transformation demands boards focus their attention on critical work that they alone have the responsibility, authority and opportunity to do: building a consistent practice of foresight to steward their organizations into an uncertain future.

Among the questions this eBook will explore:

Why must association board presiding officers and chief staff executives treat governing as a design opportunity?

What is the relationship among stewardship, governing and foresight?

How can associations embrace a future-ready approach to the work of governing?

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