Digital Services

Resource limitations should not be an obstacle to meaningful learning for associations and non-profits. Digital tools can deliver powerful perspectives and insights to shift thinking, identify opportunities and create distinctive value cost effectively.

Through its digital services, Foresight First LLC can support your organization’s learning efforts and help your board and staff make decisions about the best ways to nurture thrivability in the years ahead.

What are digital services?

Digital services are single focus engagements purchased and delivered entirely through digital means. Your organization will not incur any travel or other add-on expenses. Most digital services can be completed in less than 60 days, and typically within a 30-45 day period.

What types of digital services do you offer?

Foresight First LLC currently offers the following digital services at the listed investment levels:

Visualizing Your Association’s Business Model (US$7,500)⎯Every association and non-profit operates on a business model, and it is very likely that the board and other key decision-makers have only the vaguest notion of what that model is. Foresight First LLC will work with key staff to create a business model visualization that can serve as a tool for building shared understanding of how your organization creates, delivers and captures value.

Mapping Your Organization’s Orthodox Beliefs (US$7,500)⎯Associations and non-profits are legacy organizations that operate on the basis of traditional assumptions. These orthodox beliefs are an invisible form of inertia that prevents organizations from thriving. Foresight First LLC will work with key staff to create an “orthodoxy map” that can help isolate these deep-seated beliefs and facilitate efforts to actively question their truth and usefulness.

Understanding Stakeholder Problems-Needs-Outcomes (US$10,000)⎯Associations and non-profit organizations must discover new opportunities for creating value by building an empathic understanding of the real-world issues their stakeholders face. Foresight First LLC will work directly with key staff and stakeholders to gather insights on problems, needs and outcomes that can help isolate new “value pathways” for your organization to pursue.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Associations and non-profit organizations headquartered outside of the United States interested in these digital services should inquire about investment level.

How can I learn more about these digital services?

To learn more about these digital services, you can chat with Jeff or complete the contact form.

If you use the contact form, please select “Digital Services” in the drop-down menu and describe the digital service(s) in which you’re interested in the message box.