Foresight First LLC Services

Foresight First LLC is committed to supporting association and non-profit boards as they strive to develop a consistent practice of foresight, learn with the future and build their organizations to thrive over the next decade and beyond. With a full range of service offerings, Foresight First LLC can deliver high impact value to your organization at an accessible investment level.

Digital Services

Digital services are single focus engagements, such as business model visualization and orthodoxy mapping, purchased and delivered entirely through digital means. Your organization will not incur any travel or other add-on expenses. Most digital services can be completed in less than 60 days, and typically within a 30-45 day period.
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Advisory Services

Advising engagements deliver specific learning and development, including actionable insights and practice opportunities, to shift board/staff mindsets and build new organizational capacity. In addition, advising engagements are shorter than consulting projects, with a maximum duration of 60 days.
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Consulting Services

Consulting engagements, just like advising engagements, help build new organizational capabilities for taking action. Consulting engagements typically are longer in duration, often extending to 120 days or more,
depending on schedules.
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Please use the contact form or chat to connect with Jeff De Cagna, executive advisor for Foresight First LLC, to learn more about the possibilities of collaboration with your organization.