Consulting Services

For some associations and non-profits, surfacing helpful answers to increasingly complex questions about thrivability will require a longer and deeper dive into the organizational past and present, as well as a richer learning process with the future that includes a more diverse set of stakeholder voices and views.

Through an intensive consulting engagement, Foresight First LLC can help accelerate your organization’s progress toward the future.

Through a focused advising engagement, Foresight First LLC can help you, your board and your senior staff team collaborate to build the necessary mindsets and capabilities for governing “foresight first.”

What is a consulting engagement?

Consulting engagements, just like advising engagements, help build new organizational capabilities so you can take action. Consulting engagements typically are longer in duration, often extending to 120 days or more, depending on schedules.

What types of consulting engagements do you offer?

Foresight First LLC can customize a consulting engagement to address your organization’s needs. Some suggested engagements include:

Building a Foresight First Board of Directors—Governing is a powerful design opportunity, and the pace of transformation demands that it become a form of consistently deep work. Through this engagement, Foresight First LLC will help your board develop a governing orientation that will keep the its focus on anticipating and preparing for the future through learning and the work of foresight.

Reinventing Your Organization’s Business Model—Business model stewardship is a critical governing role for association and non-profit boards. Through this engagement, Foresight First LLC will work with your board, staff and other stakeholders to examine your organization’s existing business model, develop new business model concepts and organize to prototype and test those concepts with actual stakeholders.

Strategy as Learning—In a dynamic and volatile environment, associations and non-profit organizations need to embrace strategy as a process of learning. Through this engagement, Foresight First LLC will work directly with your organization’s next contributor cohorts and learn with a full range of stakeholders to identify compelling opportunities for creating distinctive new forms of value.

What is the investment for a consulting engagement?

The specific investment level will vary depending on the area of focus of your organization’s advising engagement, as well as other factors. The typical investment for a consulting engagement starts at $20,000 (USD).