Advisory Services

For association and non-profit boards, learning what it will take to build their organizations to thrive in a world experiencing transformation can be a complicated process. In the end, however, it all comes back to one fundamental idea: harnessing the forces of societal transformation to create distinctive value for current and future stakeholders. Moving in this direction requires all decision-makers to prioritize the organization’s future over its past.

Through a focused advising engagement, Foresight First LLC can help you, your board and your senior staff team collaborate to build the necessary mindsets and capabilities for governing “foresight first.”

What is an advising engagement?

Advising engagements deliver specific learning and development, including actionable insights and practice opportunities, to shift board/staff mindsets and build new organizational capacity. In addition, advising engagements are shorter than consulting projects, with a maximum duration of 60 days.

What types of advising engagements are available?

Foresight First LLC will customize an advising engagement to meet your organization’s specific needs. Some suggested engagements include:

Embracing the Board’s Duty of Foresight⎯Intensifying societal transformation requires association and non-profit boards of directors to devote their attention to learning with the future. Through this engagement, Foresight First LLC will help your board nurture the mindsets and implement the practices required to embrace its duty of foresight.

Six Core Imperatives of Business Model Innovation⎯Associations and non-profit organizations need to rethink and redesign their existing business models to capitalize on emerging opportunities. Through this engagement, Foresight First LLC will work with your board and staff to identify new ways to create and deliver value to your stakeholders.

Thinking and Acting Beyond Orthodoxy⎯Orthodox beliefs are deep-seated assumptions about what associations and non-profits are supposed to be and what they are supposed to do. Through this engagement, Foresight First LLC will work with your board and staff to challenge the orthodox beliefs that may prevent your organization from thriving in the years ahead.

What is the investment for an advising engagement?

The specific investment level will vary depending on the area of focus of your organization’s advising engagement, as well as other factors. The typical investment range for an advising engagement is $12,000-$18,000 (USD).