Foresight First

It’s time to design the future of governing!

Associations and non-profit organizations, and their boards, must do more than simply cope with a world experiencing transformation. They need to design more robust approaches to governing that effectively prepare them, their stakeholders and the fields they serve for whatever comes next.

Board attention is a finite and essential resource associations and non-profits must respect and use in the wisest possible way. Boards need to devote their attention to learning with the future by embracing “the duty of foresight” as a critical stewardship responsibility.

Foresight First LLC will help your association or non-profit organization strengthen board performance by building board capacity for making sense, making meaning and making intelligent decisions that anticipate and prepare for a variety of plausible futures.

Why Foresight First?

We are now in a “mobile first” world, which means designing technologies that keep the focus on what matters most, create compelling stakeholder experiences and reduce friction through an emphasis on
simplicity whenever possible.

These same basic principles can be applied to the design of association and non-profit governing, and it begins with keeping the focus of board work on the high stakes implications of the accelerating pace and intensifying impact of societal transformation. By governing “foresight first,” associations and non-profit directors can honor the contributions of their predecessors, serve their current stakeholders and demonstrate respect for their successors by creating the necessary conditions for future thrivability.

Services and Speaking

Here are some ways your organization can work with Foresight First LLC:

Advisory and Consulting Services

Assess your board’s current performance and develop the necessary mindsets to govern “foresight first.” Build your organization to thrive in a time of transformation through strategy as learning or business model innovation.

Digital Services and “Foresight as a Service”

Identify and map out the orthodox beliefs preventing your association or non-profit from thriving in the years ahead, or visualize your organization’s existing business model to understand how you create,
deliver and capture value.

Support board and staff learning with future through a “Foresight as a Service” subscription. Gain access to a meaningful and high-impact synthesis and analysis of ideas, insights and other valuable information that will help your board make sense of societal transformation and its potential impact of your organization, your stakeholders and your profession, industry or field.

In-Person or Virtual Speaking Engagements

Looking for a compelling keynote talk or other presentation? Bring respected association/non-profit thought leader and well-known contrarian Jeff De Cagna to your organization’s next retreat, conference or annual meeting on either an in-person or virtual basis. Customize an event package that creates unique value for your attendees.

Six Quotes to Move Your Organization to Foresight First