Foresight as a Service (FaaS) | COMING SPRING 2017!

Building a “foresight first” board of directors is all about learning with the future. Of course, your board members are very busy with their day jobs and other aspects of their lives, and you and your team are busy with running your association. How will you provide your board and other key decision-makers with compelling intelligence and on-point learning resources that can feed directly into a consistent practice of foresight?

To solve this problem, Foresight First LLC will launch its unique “Foresight as a Service” subscription offering this spring, and you are invited to become a Founding Subscriber and value co-creator!

What is Foresight as a Service?

Foresight as a Service will be a carefully curated flow of digital content about plausible futures that your association, your stakeholders and your field could confront in the years ahead. FaaS will gather and synthesize information from a wide variety of public and private sources, and structure it for use by your association’s key decision-makers. This content flow will come in a variety of forms, including the following:

Foresight as a Service Quarterly Memorandum⎯FaaS subscribers will receive a memorandum every quarter that will include content applicable to the sense-making, meaning-making and decision-making conversations that association and non-profit boards must have as part of the consistent practice of foresight. Memos will include a combination of text and visuals, and will include links to other resources.

Foresight as a Service Quarterly Subscriber Conversations⎯FaaS subscribers will have the opportunity to participate in quarterly conversations with FaaS curator Jeff De Cagna of Foresight First LLC, as well as other subscribers. These virtual conversations will examine the content of the most recent memo and will offer subscribers the opportunity to provide input on future memos.

Foresight as a Service Digital Resource Collections⎯FaaS subscribers will have access to digital resource collections, including online presentations, mini-courses and visualizations to facilitate board learning with the future and building capacity for the practice of foresight.

How can I express interest in Foresight as a Service?

If you are interested in becoming a Founding Subscriber and value co-creator for Foresight as a Service, please enter your full name, title and email address in the fields below. You will be contacted about next steps before the end of February 2017.

Individuals working in associations and non-profit organizations headquartered outside of the United States are encouraged to sign up. No information from this list will ever be shared with third parties, and your decision to join this list does not imply a commitment to subscribe to Foresight as a Service.